Intrinsic Health Series

Beyond Biology
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The fabric of your body is a veritable universe of atoms that knit together your biochemistry and cell biology. Mind bending as it is, only 0.01% of that fabric is solid (protons, neutrons, electrons) and the other 99.99% of your atomic makeup is actually vacuum space. While there is no physical mass in this space, it is far from empty. In fact, it is full of the electromagnetic field that emanates from your core.

As woo-woo as it may sound, you are not a physical body as much as you are an energetic being vibrating in the universe at a unique frequency that distinguishes your self-identity from the space and form around you. Amazingly, this invisible energetic vibration has recently been discovered to have extraordinary density that can shift the 0.01% of your physical biology in powerful ways. Western Medicine, since its inception, has largely ignored this reality of biophysics, one of the field’s most profound shortcomings. You can work on the 0.01% all day long through drugs, supplements, surgeries, therapies, etc., but if you are not addressing the chaos and stress in the 99.99% you will never get to the root cause of disease and dysfunction, and you will be slow to make radical change in human health and experience. In this series, we layout practical daily practices, philosophies, and technologies that can bring coherence to the 99.99% of your biophysics that is not well reached by conventional approaches, thereby accelerating your journey to optimal health, purpose, and impact.

Zach Bush, MD