Hear experiences from past BaseCamp participants…

Dr. Bush has had a profound impact on my life and I am thankful to hear him speak often about how we can improve our health naturally. My life has changed quite a bit since I enrolled in the Summer 2018 session, and I am now on my way toward a Health Coach certification.
-- Deborah


I can’t thank you and Dr Bush enough for everything I have learned in Biology BaseCamp. The benefits have been life-changing so far, and I expect even more in the future as I continue to incorporate this valuable information in my life.

This last Q & A session really helped tie everything together for me. Out of all that we learned, so far, I think I befitted the most from RESTORE, intermittent fasting, super-ventilation, and everything related to hydration. I am looking forward to implementing grounding into my routine, plus some of the other things I haven’t been able to do yet.

I also wanted to mention that the coaching sessions were incredibly helpful for me and I am grateful that Dr Bush had the foresight to include those as part of the course. Additionally, I really appreciate that Dr. Bush recognizes the importance of the spiritual aspect in healing.

Thanks again for all the time and effort that went into Biology BaseCamp, and I look forward to the exciting developments you will be sharing with us in the coming months.
-- Peter


Biology BaseCamp was especially beneficial for us as a couple. My husband sat and listened to every program and started following Dr Zach’s Protocol without me telling him “you should do this, and you should do that”, which he wouldn’t do. He does the intermittent fasting, takes RESTORE and apple cider vinegar every day, does the 4-minute workout, drinks better water, and makes better food choices especially when eating away from home. We loved every program and couldn’t think it could get any better, or I could learn more. But it did! I was totally amazed. It was “pure joy” to watch. It’s been a Highlight in our life, and as a couple we plan to include other healthy suggestions Basecamp and Dr Zach recommends. He is a brilliant genius with a true understanding about the make-up of humans and the universe, but he also has such a soft, caring, passionate heart.
-- Stephanie


I have been a “health nut” most of my life and live a “clean” lifestyle. I know all the basics, however, Dr Zach informed my head, heart, and soul of our purpose, to live a healthy life and share enthusiasm with others, I especially liked him sharing his experience regarding patients in hospice care and how precious and purposeful all of our lives are, miracle of birth and miracle of death. A very profound truth. What a privilege to be part of this tribe, thank you to my coach Scott, who is a living inspiration. I AM ENOUGH. I love myself with good food, exercise, breathing, grounding and living authentically. Thank you all at M Clinic.


I want to express my deep gratitude to Dr Bush for the job he is doing and the knowledge he has imparted in this course. Participating in Biology BaseCamp has truly been life changing in an incredibly positive way for me and my family. I have been applying many aspects of what I’ve learnt to my life and am now seeing and feeling the benefits. I won’t forget what I’ve learnt – nor will I forget Dr Bush. I hope that he continues to blow the doors off!
-- David


Thank you to Dr Zach for bringing me on this journey of healing, awareness and transformation. I feel whole and strong enough now to really do it. I feel connected to you, your team, coach Cari, and all the participants of Biology BaseCamp. THANK YOU!
-- Kerri


I love the reminder that we are enough, and that the power/source is within us. Also, I finally managed to overcome my fear of fasting and did it without much struggle. It felt empowering and liberating. Thanks for the push.


Implementing a very big direction change with regard to nutrition/supplements, stress, fasting, breathing, hydration among other lifestyle changes. Feel more relaxed, responsible to, and confident in myself as a result. The ability to refer back to the presentations and reference materials is helping to have a clearer direction of where I want to go.


There is so much information in Biology BaseCamp – and the supplementary info – additional readings/movies/videos…so much to get through. Little pieces here and there come up in my thoughts each day of incorporating these concepts in caring for my body with autoimmune issues.


The series was extremely valuable in that so much information was provided. Dr Zach is such a powerful communicator; he is an incredible source of information. With each session I discovered I could put together more and more pieces of my life puzzle which brought a sense of peace to a previously frazzled existence.


I feel that this context digs deep into why we are experiencing such a lack of health and real tools we can use in our daily lives. I have seen a shift for myself health-wise. It has been a long time that something was effective for me. I feel it all goes to understanding hydration. We can’t get enough from our food, so understanding how to hydrate and how to protect our bodies from EMF radiation is proving very effective and useful.


The program was so superbly well-done. Kudos to the whole team. It is a tremendous service to cover so many topics related to well-being. Such a different perspective. It will take months to digest and integrate it more.


I was surprised at the content. I have followed Dr Bush since Jan 2018; this was much deeper than I ever imagined. That reminder of our inner knowledge, was something I will carry with me forever…I LOVED my coaching with Molly! That was my place where I gained the greatest growth! Loved it.


I found this series to be fascinating and have started my second time through the lectures. It’s been helpful to watch them again since there is so much information to absorb. Dr Bush’s approach honors the body and its ability to heal itself, which I appreciate. Wish there was a clone of him living in my town.


There is so much to keep integrating. When I saw the email about BaseCamp, I signed up on pure intuition. I knew it was important and did not even know what I would learn. My intuition was so right! I have so much gratitude for this tremendous opportunity, and for Dr Zach’s personal journey that allowed this to happen. Also, as a physician, I feel very inspired to look more at the cellular and subcellular levels.


Dr Zach walks his talk and lives in the skin of a student and speaks like I’m in a room with him having a 1-on-1 conversation over coffee. Authentic.


BaseCamp has removed so much stress and overwhelm from my life. Have reaped an exponential return of my investment in lifestyle tools and information which I’m continually discovering add increasing value with each revisit.


This program was very beneficial! In talking with my health coach I found out about Iyengar yoga, and was able to find a class near me that I could join. I am so grateful for that! Also, I finally have been able to lose some of the weight that has really bothered me, by learning more about fasting. I am still in pain from my spine, but won’t go looking outside myself for the answers to that. I have never trusted any medical doctors until I found Dr Bush. He has given me the confidence to take charge of my health myself.

BaseCamp has helped me confront my limiting beliefs about health and healing, pushed me into action, waking up earlier, doing more of the 4 min exercise, spending more time in the garden, committing to me time including yoga. It has given me more confidence in the body during fasting, the product RESTORE. It has helped me appreciate the awesomeness of the body and the interconnectedness of all of nature and higher power. Always love to listen to Dr Zach Bush talking. His authenticity and earnestness is inspiring and infectious! Love his approach– elegantly simple yet profound.


BaseCamp given me a lot to think about and the desire to do things differently. I’m 67 now and want to enter my old age being healthy.

I came into the coaching a little skeptical and wasn’t quite sure what it would accomplish or what we would get into. Usually I feel I have to lead and have a plan. There was a great exchange. On days when I didn’t know what to talk about, coach Lindsay did a great job doing grounding to start and then asking some open questions to get started. Every session was empowering and left me feeling more positive. It was great to not have any drive time. I wasn’t sure how we would connect over the phone and not seeing each other, but it wound up working very well. I went through a most challenging and crazy Fall with many significant, difficult life events coming all at once. Frankly, it was almost unbelievable. I was fortunate I had the time with Lindsay to be a steady and reassuring force. I do think the universe gives you what you need, and Lindsay was certainly it!

It was my first experience of being coached, so was an interesting experience. Also the coaching provided a tangible contact for the online program and allowed clarification and development of insight into key aspects of the program.


My coach was clearly sensitive and intuitive, offering and sharing such great information, on many levels with guidance and suggestions for continued growth.


Coach Scott is a compassionate, caring, great listener who understood me right out of the gate. He was reliable and professional. I felt I could trust him with my issues because he created a safe, healing environment over the phone. I trusted his feedback. He helped me dig where I may not have ventured on my own. My sense is that he has done his work and was able to honor and embrace where I was. Thank you, those conversations will stay with me for a long time.


Coach Lindsay was extremely supportive, positive, and encouraging. She not only offered insight regarding things she was familiar with, but took the time to search out answers to my questions. I enjoyed the way she led the grounding exercises and asked questions regarding the particular week session which made me feel a need to be accountable for the material I was provided. Lindsay supported and encouraged my growth. Our weekly sessions helped me to transition towards a much better lifestyle and belief in myself.


The regular contact with coach Lindsay throughout the program has been very helpful in keeping me accountable to what I intended to achieve during the 6 weeks. She also provided me with insight as to some of my issues around connectedness and has given me strategies to help improve this. She was also very good in helping me get my many questions answered by Dr Bush. I have also learnt coaching techniques from her which I can use with my own patients. In particular is time management skills, and learning to keep within time, which has always been a struggle for me.


I’m in week 3 of Biology Basecamp and it’s been the most impactful program I’ve ever taken. And I’ve taken many, many programs! Truly transformative. Thanks so much Dr Zach and team!
-- Len


...Beyond the practical suggestions and tools, I found the intellectual perspective and spiritual message very helpful. It has been my shift in mindset - respecting and celebrating the mystery and miracle of life and my own body - that has perhaps been the greatest benefit :)


Very exciting, very important, very interesting, very professional, very good, you can watch again and again and again and you will always find something to learn something new, something interesting, exciting,  amazing!


Everything that have been shared at the series resonated with me in a deep level of understanding. Dr Zach has a real gift, he communicates from his heart and talks to people's souls. The series really inspired me to keep doing my work with more determination and clarity about the work that has to be done on this planet. Thank you!


I resonate with Dr Zach and his message to the world so much. I feel that he puts words to things that I haven't been able to articulate. Hearing his deep spiritual connection with the mind and body was my biggest takeaway. I've always known that spirit leads and to trust it. But to hear Dr Zach convey that over and over was meaningful to me.


Biology Basecamp was clearly beneficial to me. The comments that Dr. Zach shared during the Questions and Answers live session were outstanding. Every word that he shares is ALWAYS from his heart and therefore each response he shares ends up providing everyone, who is open to receive, an enormous gift. I felt as though we were being lifted into another space while greater wisdom was being shared and I do not think I will ever forget the gifts that poured from him. I can only assure everyone that they will be lifted up by their association with Dr. Zach Bush and the outstanding employees, including their coach, during the BaseCamp.


Apart from being highly educational and having practical applications for everything we learnt, it was such a surprise to me to discover how a big part of the work was to leave our old stories and labels behind in order to heal and hear our core identity! I feel clear, with more energy, more joyful and creative since finishing the course and I'm still integrating part of the work  : ) I'm really excited to see the unraveling of life in the next months ahead!


I am grateful for the experience and know how in Our life what we still know Little about, l am happy to See the Best of the Best in one course. The Perfect combination of the most important topics in life with exciting presentations. l am grateful to Dr. Zach Bush for his choice to share with others his amazing spirit and life. l wish to do more and l Will. l hope we can cooperate in the future and make more followers of this beautiful life on Our amazing planet. I thank the fantastic universe, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, l am very grateful.


I bought the program as a gift to myself, I had a strong intuition that I had to do it. My intention was to allow support, love, guidance. I was shifting into the integration of my inner strength and purpose. I realized that I am ready. I already acquired enough wisdom and will power through the years to start helping others. It’s time to show up. The connection and reverence I feel is so aligned with your intention to help others. You did touch my heart and what you have said touched my spirit. I honor that and value it for the power it contains. It's been a very empowering experience.


I feel more confident and less fearful about my health, and the health of the planet. The message of regeneration and the intrinsic 'drive for life' was empowering and deeply inspiring. It gave me a real hunger to learn science again, after years of feeling so much disconnect between my own experience -- and the medical industry & my Newtonian science education. I feel happier, healthier... and I'm moving forward in community with others :)


I learned to listen to my body and get back in tune with it. By practicing what Dr Zach has taught, I have tapped into my intuition a lot more. I learned that all my health issues is related to my gut health, so I give my digestive system rest when needed. My experience from the 5 day fast was very much an eye opener, and I think I am more mindful of what I eat. I will continue to keep learning more and practicing the resources I have been given.


During Biology BaseCamp, this was the first time I've had a Health Coach and I really was unsure of how it would work. Coach Carla made it smooth and easy to learn how to use this wonderful service.


My Intrinsic Health Coach Sage was so friendly, knowledgeable and just a delight to work with. It really complemented the training and helped me integrate all I was learning into my everyday life.


Coach Carla skillfully used her own wisdom and experiences to guide and stimulate me to broaden my own personal perspectives as well as to feel the confidence to explore. She is a gem.


Biology BaseCamp was the most impactful program I've taken... and I've taken many! Very powerful new perspectives that enlighten and deepen my wellness efforts. If you dive into this course fully, you will be transformed.