Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Biology BaseCamp stand apart from other virtual health programs?

Intrinsic Health Series Biology BaseCamp is the only online health program that offers cutting-edge science, delivered by Dr Zach Bush, in conjunction with personalized coaching for guidance on implementing the strategies taught in the course. Our trained Intrinsic Health coaches serve to bridge the gap between what you’re learning and how to apply the new information to your life, in order to generate mind and body transformation. Intrinsic Health coaching is a critical component of Biology BaseCamp, and undoubtedly differentiates BaseCamp from other programs. Live Q & A opportunities with Dr Zach provide access to ask questions in real time to discover his most current findings on health optimization.

How does BaseCamp work?

BaseCamp educates on fundamental health pillars through comprehensive training WebEds and in-depth personal coaching sessions. Each WebEd consists of Dr Zach delivering content in a way that is similar to the experience of ‘sitting’ with him in clinic (without personal medical advice). Weekly sessions with Intrinsic Health trained coaches deepen your understanding of Dr Zach’s paradigm-shifting wellness model and help you to practically apply it to your life. In addition to the WebEds and coaching, you receive downloadable support materials, videos on advanced topics, and a bundle of ION*Biome products to support your health journey. Quarterly live Q & A sessions with Dr Zach during the BaseCamp journey offer an opportunity to engage in real time and ask outstanding questions.

How does Intrinsic Health coaching work?

Once registered for Biology BaseCamp, you will be assigned a personal coach who will help guide your journey with weekly sessions to discuss challenges and breakthroughs, as well as ways to implement the new tools in your life. Coaching sessions are booked using an online calendar to accommodate your schedule. Sessions are approximately 45 minutes in length and all information is kept confidential.


Note: A health coach does not replace a health practitioner yet can serve as a bridge between medical recommendations and creation/maintenance of healthy behaviors.

What are the qualifications for Intrinsic Health Coaches?

Intrinsic Health coaches are veteran health and life coaches, trained in Dr Zach’s Intrinsic Health coaching methodology. Our coaches hail from a wide variety of backgrounds and life experiences to bring leading-edge information and authentic support to increase and accelerate your BaseCamp results.

Do you offer Intrinsic Health Coach certification?

We offer already certified coaches training in the Intrinsic Health coaching methodology. A full certification program may become available in the future. Please stay tuned for details.

If you are a certified coach interested in becoming an Intrinsic Health Coach, please apply here. We are not currently hiring, but do review all applications and will get back to you when positions are available!

I’m a health practitioner. Will BaseCamp be repetitive information?

Many health practitioners have taken part in Biology BaseCamp and experienced massive benefit, both personally and in clinical application. Please review this testimonial video from Jude Christian, a Nurse Practitioner and herbalist, for her take, as a clinician, on the BaseCamp experience by clicking here.

Who is eligible for BaseCamp?

Ideal candidates for BaseCamp are those with a beginner’s mind who are interested in real transformation, both mentally and physically. We’ve found that every fully committed participant who experiences the program (healthy or chronically unwell, a layperson interested in health or a seasoned practitioner) has derived unique benefit.

Do I receive medical advice in BaseCamp?

Dr Zach and the Intrinsic Health Coaches do not discuss specific disease states because our health model reaches far beyond that paradigm. Throughout the series, fundamental principles of human health are laid which apply to every person, regardless of health status, and proprietary information is taught that you will not hear anywhere else. We suggest sharing BaseCamp wisdom with your healthcare providers to partner in implementing new approaches in your wellness protocol. If you're seeking clinical support for a medical condition, we suggest visiting our M Clinic in Charlottesville, VA. The M Clinic has a world-class team of practitioners, medical science, and holistic therapies, to support you on the journey to restore your body’s natural state of balance and health. To learn more about M Clinic services, please call 434.321.5257 or email

What are the technological requirements for BaseCamp?

For accessing WebEds, high speed internet connection (Cable, DSL, or better), audio (speakers/headphones), and a current Web Browser (ie. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) are needed. The Adobe Acrobat Reader program (current version) is needed to download support material documents. For weekly coaching calls, a phone (cell phone or landline) is used.

I live outside the United States. Am I eligible to take part in BaseCamp?

Yes, participants from around the world take part in the program and we love growing our global wellness community. WebEds may be watched at leisure once released, and you will work with your personal coach to schedule convenient sessions in your time zone.

What is the time commitment for BaseCamp?

Over the 8-week course, four 2-hour WebEds are released every two weeks, along with corresponding support materials and videos for each webinar, and weekly 45-minute coaching sessions. Plan to spend at least 3-5 hours on coursework and calls each week (plus more if choosing to watch WebEds multiple times). Additional self-care and reflection activities are highly encouraged and expected for best results.

Can I do BaseCamp while working full-time or being a full-time parent?

Absolutely. You will have access to content for 1 year and schedule the coaching calls at your convenience. Moreover, you will learn new habits and skills to create a healthier lifestyle both personally and professionally. Hopefully, this will inspire family, friends, and co-workers to do the same.

Do I receive educational credit for completing BaseCamp?

Continuing education credit is not currently available, however, we continue to investigate this need.

Are scholarships available?

Due to the expense of personalized health coaching, which is an integral part of BaseCamp, scholarships are not available at this time.

Are payment plan options available?

Payment plans may be available. For more information, please call 434.321.5257 or email

Does health insurance cover BaseCamp?

Check with your health insurance company to inquire whether BaseCamp costs may be reimbursed as part of a preventative wellness plan.

Are refunds available?

Once the program has begun, registrants are no longer eligible to receive a refund. Please contact or call 434.321.5257 with additional questions.

I’m a Biology BaseCamp alumnus/alumna. Can I continue to get access to the program content?

Yes! Due to popular demand, we offer an Alumni Pass. With the Alumni Pass, alumni receive access to all WebEds, support materials, FAQs, and archived summits. To purchase the Alumni Pass (alumni only), CLICK HERE.

What are the website requirements?

The site and classes are compatible with all web browsers that have been updated within the past three years. The site and courses can also be accessed on mobile devices.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

Two different websites are used for purchasing IHS products and accessing course materials. To update the password for either website, please see the following instructions:

Website used for purchasing (Shopify):

1. Select "Payment Portal Login" at the bottom of the page.

2. Select "Forgot your password" above the password text box.

3. Enter your account email and submit the request.

4. Follow the email directions to login.

Website used for accessing course information (SkyPrep):

1. Go to .

2. Select "Password?" directly above the login window.

3. Enter your account email address and send.

4. Follow the email directions to login.

How long do I have access to my course?

You will have access to content for one year after activating the course and may purchase an Alumni Pass to continue content access.

Who should I contact for technical support?

For support, please call 434.321.5257 or email

What if I have more questions about BaseCamp?

For more information, please call 434.321.5257 or email