Intrinsic Health Series

About Intrinsic Health Series Biology BaseCamp

Biology BaseCamp is a unique opportunity to participate in a grassroots health revolution for humanity and the planet . . . and the revolution begins with you.

Whether you are facing a severe illness, or just in pursuit of a higher level of health and personal performance, the series provides practical knowledge and resources to chart a new path to recovery and optimal well-being that will power your purpose.

The eight-week educational program delivers the essential foundation for health and wellness in your life. Every person who makes the investment of time and training to reach optimal health and function becomes an epicenter for change in our collapsing social and health systems.

The time is now. We are excited to see this unparalleled experience transform your understanding of true health.

Message from Dr Zach

The extraordinary explosion of chronic disease over the last 25 years has never been seen in human history. From autism to Alzheimer’s, chronic depression to cancer, we are seeing unprecedented amounts of disease. With more than 25 years of medical education, research, and clinical experience, I can attest to the incredible complexity of our health crisis. When we view today’s epidemic of chronic disease, our disconnection with nature and the expense and failure of what we call “healthcare”, the future looks profoundly unsustainable. If we do not reverse direction now, the cost of care and loss of productivity for the sick and their caretakers will render this country financially insoluble.

Despite all of this, I have never been more optimistic about our opportunity to transform human health. Over the last decade, our team of clinicians and scientists have discovered a beautiful and exciting truth: health is profoundly simple. Our bodies are engineered to be healing machines. Regardless of how desperate current public health remains, there is hope for each of us, our nation, and the planet at large: the way ahead is intrinsic health. I look forward to engaging with you during Intrinsic Health Series, and beyond, as we journey together on the mind-blowing and miracle-filled path to intrinsic health.

Yours in wellness, gratitude and love,
Zach Bush, MD

About Dr Zach

Zach Bush, MD is a triple board-certified physician and internationally recognized educator on the intersection of the microbiome with human health/disease and our food production systems. His work is giving new insights into root-cause solutions in the sectors of farming, big pharma, and Western Medicine at large. Zach’s work in both for-profit and non-profit arenas alike is creating avenues to foster collaborative action for all stakeholders in the global community, promoting a regenerative future of health for the planet and our children. Learn more at, and