Intrinsic Health Series

Biology BaseCamp Community Connection

The current events around the world are creating a sweeping need to turn our attention to Intrinsic Health. In order to establish connection between people who are committed to transforming their lives through new foundations of healing, we are offering a new version of Biology BaseCamp for a limited time. Beginning today you can sign up Biology Basecamp Community Connection and gain full access to Dr Zach’s web-ed downloads for $495. Your journey will be supported with four weekly 90-minute small group interactive sessions. Because we are taking this health journey as a community, space is very limited.

*Community Connection sessions will only be available during the designated time slots you select during registration.

Biology BaseCamp Community Connection is a 4-week immersion experience that delivers essential foundations for health through the following master classes and weekly group Intrinsic Health Community Connections:

  • The New Frontier of Gut Health
  • Movement, Breathing, and Our Connection to Earth
  • Grazing and Fasting Cycles: The Power of Not Eating
  • Water: Creating Flow for Body and Soul
NOTE: Dr Zach and the Intrinsic Health Coaches do not discuss specific disease states in this program. If you are seeking clinical support for a medical condition, we suggest visiting our M Clinic in Charlottesville, VA. The M Clinic has a world-class team of practitioners, medical science, and holistic therapies to support you on the journey to restore your body’s natural state of balance and health. To learn more about M Clinic services, please call 434.321.5257 or email
BBC Community

The Summit: Live Q & A with Dr Zach

You’ve reached the summit! After completing BaseCamp Community, you are invited to join fellow program participants for a two-hour in-depth Q & A session. Dr Zach will take questions live and respond to pre-submitted inquiries. The recording will be available for those who are unable to attend. BaseCamp Community participants can attend four summits, offered quarterly, during the year of content access.

Intrinsic Health Coaching

Intrinsic Health Community sessions are among the most effective components of Dr Zach’s paradigm-shifting approach to health. The practitioners at M Clinic have learned through thousands of patient journeys that healing comes from within the individual, rather than from an external educator, physician, product, or technology. With this understanding, our world-class team created the Intrinsic Health Coaching Program, a coaching series that works to sharpen intuition and self-awareness to empower your path to health and transformation.

Each BaseCamp Community participant receives four small-group Intrinsic Health Community sessions. All sessions are approximately 90 minutes in length and conducted via video conferencing. Our coaches help deepen your understanding of Dr Zach’s unique wellness model and apply it to your life.

Please note that Community sessions are scheduled as a group at the time slot you select while completing your intake form. You can only select one day/time slot for the duration of the program. All Community sessions will be recorded. If you miss a session, you can view it a later date.

Are you a health practitioner interested in Biology BaseCamp?

If you are a health professional seeking to take your health, practice, and life to the next level, BaseCamp Community is a powerful tool to accelerate progress and expand your perspective on true health and healing. BaseCamp Community provides an opportunity for both clinicians and patients to participate in a grassroots health revolution for humanity and the planet with practical knowledge and resources to chart a new path to recovery.

Many health professionals have taken BaseCamp with life-changing results that have powered their purpose and legacy. During the program, you will reconnect to the foundations of optimal health that can get lost in the perplexing modern “healthcare” paradigm, while studying cutting-edge science on the mechanisms of disease. Perhaps most importantly, your group sessions with an Intrinsic Health Coach will help shift any limiting beliefs and roadblocks keeping you from deeper levels of transformation (coaches need coaches, too). The ripple effect of the experience for your clients, family, and greater community is beyond measure.