Intrinsic Health Series*

Health Coaching

We have learned through thousands of client journeys that healing comes from within the individual, rather than an external educator, physician, product, or technology. With this knowledge, our world-class team designed the Intrinsic Health Coaching Program to sharpen your intuition and self-awareness and empower your practice toward whole health.

Intrinsic Health Coaching sessions are among the most effective components of our series, as our certified coaches work with you bridge the gap between what you’re learning in the series and how to apply the information to your life and generate mind and body transformation.

Health coaching is a critical piece of our programs, and differentiates Biology BaseCamp and Beyond Biology from other programs.* Our coaches work alongside you to provide individual support as you work to achieve personal health and life aspirations while holding needed space for learning and growth.

*Each Biology BaseCamp and Beyond Biology participant receives eight personalized Intrinsic Health Coaching sessions included in the program. Coaching packages (in sessions of four or eight) are available as stand-alone services apart from the programs, or for maintenance support post-program, and can be purchased below.

Commonly asked questions about coaching

What is life coaching?
Life coaching is a process that addresses experiences and transitions in the client's life by exploring what is occurring, discerning any challenges and roadblocks, and intentionally choosing a course of action to create an enhanced experience. Life coaching helps you learn how to make choices that create a more effective, healthy, and fulfilling life while workings towards maximizing your human potential and living on purpose.

Why does Intrinsic Health life coaching work?
Intrinsic Health Coaches help fellow humans tap into their own innate wisdom and intrinsic healing to discover something they may not have otherwise observed. Our belief is that we already have what we need for our highest health. The Intrinsic Health Series programs and coaching series provide the keys to unlock that wisdom. Our programs deliver the education necessary to create a foundation of health from which we can learn to listen to our brightest teacher: ourselves. Simply put, life coaching puts you in the driver's seat of your life.

A key objective is to shift the patient-doctor relationship so that we no longer race to doctors in times of crisis but regularly turn within to understand what we need, and collaborate with doctors for information and resources. For this system to work, education is paramount. Leading-edge health trainings paired with personal life coaching has proven to be a powerful combination for results in our series.

What can I expect during an Intrinsic Health Series life coaching session?
Life coaching is a partnership between a coach and client where the coach continually gives the power back to the client. We believe you know the answers to every question or challenge in your life, even if those solutions are not currently clear. Your Intrinsic Health coach will create space for you to process what you are learning and experiencing in our programs, or other life circumstances, and help extract and guide your intrinsic knowing of next steps. Only you know what is best for you; coaches simply help you discover your personal best.

Do Intrinsic Health coaches offer medical advice?
Dr Zach and the Intrinsic Health Coaches do not discuss specific disease states because our health model reaches far beyond that paradigm. Throughout the series, fundamental principles of human health are laid which apply to every person, regardless of health status, and proprietary information is taught that you will not hear anywhere else. We suggest sharing BaseCamp wisdom with your healthcare providers to partner in implementing new approaches in your wellness protocol. If you're seeking clinical support for a medical condition, we suggest visiting our M Clinic in Charlottesville, VA. The M Clinic has a world-class team of practitioners, medical science, and holistic therapies, to support you on the journey to restore your body’s natural state of balance and health. To learn more about M Clinic services, please call 434.321.5257 or email

How does Intrinsic Health coaching work?
Once you have registered for an Intrinsic Health program, or purchased a separate coaching package, you will be assigned a personal coach who will help guide your journey with weekly one-on-one sessions to discuss challenges and breakthroughs, as well as ways to implement various self-healing tools in your life. Coaching sessions are booked using an online calendar to accommodate your schedule. Sessions are approximately 45 minutes in length and conducted over the phone. All information is kept confidential.

Note: A life coach does not replace a health practitioner yet can serve as a bridge between medical recommendations and creation/maintenance of healthy lifestyle behaviors.

What are the qualifications for Intrinsic Health Coaches?
Intrinsic Health coaches are veteran health and life coaches, trained in the Intrinsic Health coaching methodology. Our coaches hail from a wide variety of backgrounds and life experiences to bring leading-edge information and authentic support to increase and accelerate your program results.

Do you offer Intrinsic Health Coach certification?
We offer already certified coaches training in the Intrinsic Health coaching methodology. A full certification program may become available in the future, please stay tuned for details and learn more by contacting

If you are a certified coach interested in becoming an Intrinsic Health Coach, please apply HERE. We review all applications and will reach out when positions become available.


“I very much connected with Tracy, my coach. It was my first experience with a Health Coach and it made a huge difference for the positive in my life.”

“I was skeptical about the Coaching program, but after our first session I realized how talking with Cari was helping things ‘click’. New ways of looking at familiar situations would appear and she was so easy to talk to. I felt a definite connection with her and looked forward to our weekly calls. It was a great experience.”

“I definitely connected with Carla. She was kind, respectful, supportive and easy to relate to. She helped motivate and inspire me. Often challenging me to see things differently or try a new approach. It was a very positive experience for me.”