Hear it from past participants…

Dr. Bush has had a profound impact on my life and I am thankful to hear him speak often about how we can improve our health naturally. My life has changed quite a bit since I enrolled in the Summer 2018 session, and I am now on my way toward a Heath Coach certification.


I can’t thank you and Dr Bush enough for everything I have learned in Biology BaseCamp. The benefits have been life-changing so far, and I expect even more in the future as I continue to incorporate this valuable information in my life.

This last Q & A session really helped tie everything together for me. Out of all that we learned, so far, I think I befitted the most from RESTORE, intermittent fasting, super-ventilation, and everything related to hydration. I am looking forward to implementing grounding into my routine, plus some of the other things I haven’t been able to do yet.

I also wanted to mention that the coaching sessions were incredibly helpful for me and I am grateful that Dr Bush had the foresight to include those as part of the course. Additionally, I really appreciate that Dr. Bush recognizes the importance of the spiritual aspect in healing.

Thanks again for all the time and effort that went into Biology BaseCamp, and I look forward to the exciting developments you will be sharing with us in the coming months.


The Biology BaseCamp was especially beneficial for us as a couple. My husband sat and listened to every program and started following Dr Zach’s Protocol without me telling him “you should do this, and you should do that”, which he wouldn’t do. He does the intermittent fasting, takes RESTORE and apple cider vinegar every day, does the 4-minute workout, drinks better water, and makes better food choices especially when eating away from home. We loved every program and couldn’t think it could get any better, or I could learn more. But it did! I was totally amazed. It was “pure joy” to watch. It’s been a Highlight in our life, and as a couple we plan to include other healthy suggestions the Basecamp and Dr Zach recommends. He is a brilliant genius with a true understanding about the make-up of humans and the universe, but he also has such a soft, caring, passionate heart.


I have been a “health nut” most of my life and live a “clean” lifestyle. I know all the basics, however, Dr Zach informed my head, heart, and soul of our purpose, to live a healthy life and share enthusiasm with others, I especially liked him sharing his experience regarding patients in hospice care and how precious and purposeful all of our lives are, miracle of birth and miracle of death. A very profound truth. What a privilege to be part of this tribe, thank you to my coach Scott, who is a living inspiration. I AM ENOUGH. I love myself with good food, exercise, breathing, grounding and living authentically. Thank you all at M Clinic.


Loved Biology BaseCamp. Especially getting access to what Dr Zach Bush knows and has experienced. He is a calm and wise leader much needed for our times; someone who has the experience and open mindedness to be able to join the dots and provide answers to our chronic health problems, provide hope and give real solutions for how to live well and thrive. Thank you to Dr Bush and his team. I hope to do Beyond Biology and see you live in Australia sometime.

The IHS BaseCamp series has been educational, fascinating, challenging, insightful, transformative, inspirational, emotional, physical, therapeutic, fulfilling…There are many things I still need to integrate into my life and fully implement, but that’s understandable with so many new concepts and practices. I’ve learned a lot about myself and would say in some ways not the same person. I feel like Dr Zach shone a light on my soul. So glad I challenged myself and so grateful to Dr Zach, to my coach Carla, and to Megan and the team.

Biology BaseCamp is a great guideline for lifestyle that covers all the bases. I’ve been working on lifestyle choices for more than two decades and it was both validation for what I’ve been doing and offering fresh insights that I can work into my life. Dr Bush’s passion is contagious and inspiring. The fourth lecture was my favorite – I’ve watched it three times already! Things are changing in the approach to chronic disease and Dr Bush is right upfront leading the change. Thank You!

Biology BaseCamp brings new vision and integration into the what and how – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual of being in this life, on the planet at this moment in our (humanity’s) history. I am more excited and better equipped to transform and develop than I have ever been in all my eight decades.

We completely embraced the nutritional packet and juice/smoothie information along with the supporting videos. We are enjoying cooking again, including all sorts of new flavors and we’ve given up meat and poultry. We removed most of the processed foods from our grocery list, and we are “all in”! This has been a 180-degree change for us over the past few months with remarkable results. The information you shared has given us a wonderful new set of tools to help support us on our journey. I’ve incorporated the 4-minute workout as a great way to break up the sedentary parts of the day. I struggle with the breathing, but continue to try… and I’m interested in the fasting, but not ready yet. Perhaps that will be the next step!

I thought the webinar was brilliantly structured and the final piece of the puzzle was outstanding and made everything come together. It is really hard to listen to a lot of the same health advice we have heard for a long time. This is a new paradigm and the first encouraging movement forward to recovery of our health mentally, physically and spiritually.

Dr Bush is a passionate, revolutionary thinker with an amazing vision, that is greatly needed in the world today. I have a holistic health background and I not only learned many new concepts, but learned known concepts in a completely new way.

I’m really happy, and at the end of the time I feel like I’m part of the community, which is one of my goals for this year-to be more into the community to address the issues of toxicity in our environment and how to avoid disease.

This webinar series was a life changer for me in two ways. First, each session came with a very specific way to practically improve your health. Not a supplement, or a book to read or a diet to embrace, but a practical life-hack. Second, was the addition of a weekly life coach session. This provision brought the webinar info into reality by providing accountability. Connecting weekly with my coach helped me take the info from knowledge to action much more effectively!

Biology BaseCamp is the paradigm shift I needed. Each subject is explained in a way that I could understand. The care that comes from Dr Bush and my coach is so sincere. This definitely empowers me to move forward, as well as help the people I love. Thanks so much!

Through the help of the program and my terrific Intrinsic Health Coach, I learned the importance of both inner and outer boundaries that impact my physical and emotional life. Biology BaseCamp was definitely a healing journey that went far beyond the physical.

Fantastic. Just love Dr Bush’s unique ability to get to what is really important, and simplify it, and realistically help incorporate changes in a person’s lifestyle. Such a gift! Thanks so much!

Biology Basecamp puts you in the driver’s seat. Rather than being defined by a “disease” Dr Bush imparts knowledge, inspiration, accountability, and golden nuggets on foundational health so that we can take charge of our own health.

I have studied nutrition and many alternative healing modalities for a long time, but I have never experienced anything like Biology BaseCamp. Dr Bush and his exceptional team have not only changed the way I look at nutrition, or the choices that I make to live a healthier life, but they made me see the importance of reconnecting to me. Through the help of the program and my terrific health coach, I learned the importance of both my inner and outer boundaries that impact my physical and emotional life. Biology BaseCamp was definitely a healing journey that went far beyond the physical. It was a roadmap to discover your core self, or as Dr Bush said, “to find that miracle self, so you don’t allow space for disease.” Thank you, Dr. Bush and everyone who made this experience possible!

The whole thing was very helpful to me on many levels. I’m so glad I did it.

Biology BaseCamp was the paradigm shift I needed. Each subject was explained in a way that I could understand. The care that comes from Dr Bush and my coach is so sincere. This definitely empowers me to move forward as well as help the people I love. Thanks so much!

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