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An integrative health experience in which participants and practitioners collaborate
to develop life practices delivering a foundation for physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

Biology BaseCamp Program

A Paradigm Shift For Health

You will come to understand that your disease runs far deeper than your physical symptoms and that in order to heal yourself permanently, you must uncover and address the root cause of your disease. In many cases, this is not a purely physical issue as we are taught to believe in the allopathic medical model. If you open your mind to all possible causes of your health struggles, you start to unlock your intrinsic ability to heal. The result will be a journey through which you will transform your life. With the right tools, YOU are in control of your health.

Throughout this series, Dr Zach lays out the fundamental principles of human health which apply to every person no matter what their health status may be. Dr Zach and our Intrinsic Health Coaches do not talk about specific disease states because this new paradigm for health reaches far beyond that. Dr Zach has had tremendous success with his approach in his clinics, helping his patients heal a myriad of conditions.

Intrinsic Health Biology BaseCamp WebEd Series

Intrinsic Health Series Biology BaseCamp is an eight-week program that delivers four fundamental foundations through the following four WebEds and weekly Intrinsic Health Coaching.

  • The New Frontier of Gut Health
  • Movement, Breathing, and Our Connection to Earth
  • Grazing and Fasting Cycles: The Power of Not Eating
  • Water: Creating Flow for Body and Soul

Additional Intrinsic Health programs

Intrinsic Health

Beyond Biology Program

Beyond Biology is an eight-week immersive experience with Dr Zach Bush and one-on-one Intrinsic Health Coaching sessions. The program dives into the extraordinary reality of your human body and consciousness through the lens of biophysics. All of your supplements, medications, nutrition, and exercise support the biology of your human body, and while these are important building blocks for a healthy foundation, it is our experience that the full potential of human health and consciousness is not realized through the biology but the vastly larger arena of your biophysics.


Intrinsic Health

Health Coaching Program

Our phone-based, 30-minute Intrinsic Health Coaching sessions are among the most effective parts of Dr Zach’s paradigm-shifting health and wellness protocols. Dr Zach and his whole team at M Clinic have learned through thousands of patient journeys that real health and transformation always come from within the individual, rather than from an external educator, physician, product, or technology. With this experience, our world-class team has created the Intrinsic Health Coaching Program – a unique coaching series that works to sharpen your intuition and self-awareness.


“Through the help of the program and my terrific Intrinsic Health Coach, I learned the importance of both my inner and outer boundaries that impact my physical and emotional life. The Biology BaseCamp was definitely a healing journey that went far beyond the physical.”

“Biology BaseCamp puts you in the driver's seat. Rather than being defined by a 'disease,' Dr Bush imparts knowledge, inspiration, accountability, and golden nuggets of foundational health so that we can take charge of our own health.”

“Thank you, Dr Zach. I feel like I have a lot of skills to use to reverse my cancer. Biology BaseCamp was very helpful to me. I can't wait until next year when you do Beyond Biology. I learned and re-learned some important lessons. The coaching and the WebEds were a great combination for learning. I am so appreciative of this opportunity. It is a real gift.”

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